Heidi Conant - Founder &

Managing Consultant

My clients come to realize they can trust me to accomplish their objectives and solve their business problems quickly and efficiently while delivering superlative results. 


I'm a seventh-generation Vermonter and passionate about helping businesses improve and grow. Utilizing my 20+ years of business experience, I thrive on problem solving and improving companies' performance. While in the past I have worked internationally for Fortune 500 firms, startups and nonprofits, currently I am most motivated by helping Vermont companies provide great products and services within the state and beyond, while preserving their local identity and core values. 

I believe in good people, good products, good values and "working smart". Too many companies routinely complete a task in 100 hours when they could do it in 10 and far more efficiently. This is not only a waste of their time and money, but it is also bad for employee morale. I help my clients improve performance, cut costs and promote a happy workplace.

I specialize in business analysis, process improvement, marketing strategy, innovative problem solving, increasing efficiency and project management.