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Vermont-based Conant Consulting works with you to achieve your business goals.

Whether you have a concrete objective or need assistance moving your business to the next level,

we can help.



- Conception & initiation

- Definition & planning

- Launch/execution

- Performance & control

- Completion/finalizaiton



- Business analysis

- Sales growth

- Process improvement

- Efficiency creation

- Cost reduction

- Operations optimization

- Research


- Website development

- Branding

- Research

- Social Media

- Public relations

- Yelp insights

- Outreach

- Grassroots marketing


John King

Founder & CEO


Business Straetgy Client

"Heidi is committed to making her clients succeed and brings this drive with her to all her projects. She has an amazing combination of business acumen, people skills and attention to detail."

Vermont's award-winning

weekly newspaper

September 23, 2013

"Heidi Conant, a seventh-generation Vermonter who splits her time between being a business strategy consultant and running Yelp Vermont, has organized a tasting event where 250 foodies can sample wares from each nominated brand. It's a rare chance to taste specialties that hail from all over the state... and that's a good thing."

Kwame Acheampong

Chief Technology Officer


Operations & Project Management Client

"Heidi brings exceptional intellect and an extraordinary understanding of people to every project that she drives. Her strong work ethic, strategic and operational insights combine with outstanding management, process, and project skills to make her an indispensable team member."

Heidi's strong organizational and project management skills are an excellent fit with her general work style - which is characterized by a strong sense of responsibility and dependability.

Dan Quinlan

Operations Officer

The Consulting Group

Vermont Energy 

Investment Corporation


It is our mission to provide excellent service, rapid execution and to exceed expections.


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